A sample module (week 1) from BIB 703 from the Master of Arts in Religion in the School of Divinity. 

Course Description:  A study of the Old Testament prophets in relation to the rest of Scripture with attention given to the hermeneutical skills needed to interpret these books today. (3 credits).  (Click on the course title above to view it)

A sample module (unit 2 of 7) of ORL 612 course taught in MSOL program for the School of Business.

Course Description: A course that helps students understand the theories and practices of group dynamics and team building and apply them in their organizations. Students focus on the skills necessary to develop high-performing group collaboration and intervention strategies to solve group problems that accompany team development. (3 credits). (Click on the course title to view the sample module). 

A sample module (week 2) of EDU 703course taught in the MSED online program for the School of Education.

A pedagogy course designed to explore various models of teaching that result from current and past research.  Broad family models derived from modern theories of learning are examined. Instructional strategies that are used within the various models are developed and practiced.